Safe, Competitive, Fixed Returns Available to Individual Investors

January 26, 2015

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Safe, Competitive, Fixed Returns Available to Individual Investors for the First Time Through New Income Stream Trading Platform

PALM DESERT, CA, Jan 20, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Sitting in a California Office, a group operating under the name Elmwood Capital Partners, Inc. is putting the final touches on a site that they say will be the worlds' first Trading Platform devoted exclusively to "Income Streams" --

There are those investors, both individual and institutional that seem to earn above average returns, sometimes spectacular returns, no matter what the economy or markets are doing.

For the majority of investors though, investing still poses a frightening and confusing challenge and competitive fixed returns seem unavailable without adverse risk.

So how are big investors consistently earning 5.5% to 8% and higher on a fixed basis in an environment of low interest rates, market volatility and economic uncertainty?

People and businesses experience cash flow problems, sometimes through no fault of their own. In those instances, those that have cash who extend credit and liquidity to those without, may find an opportunity to earn above average returns.

A simple, common strategy for boosting returns involves the purchase of existing investment vehicles from distressed people and entities which pay modest returns, and doing it at a discount.

Case in point is the purchase of Structured Settlements and other "Income Stream" products. For more than 20 years, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, Pensions and other large investors have been earning double digit returns with very little risk and zero volatility by purchasing injured parties Structured Settlement Income Streams at deep discounts from their total pay outs.

According to a group of California businessmen, this very lucrative investment alternative will now be available on a large scale to individual investors through a new Trading Platform.

One of the Company's risk management and due diligence officers, T Allen Dyer explains, "There is a large void in the fixed interest investment market, particularly for seniors and other conservative investors who are desperate to find safe alternatives to poorly performing bank CD's, bonds, treasuries and other traditional fixed interest vehicles in order to counteract inflations drag on their moneys' purchasing power."

Dyer has been involved in the structuring and marketing of new investment offerings for more than 25 years. As an outside consultant, Dyer's job description includes structuring, marketing and risk identification for new offerings and growth organizations.

What is an "Income Stream" product and how are these high returns possible without a lot of risk?

The aged definition of an Income Stream refers to a steady flow of income often from a business or property. The newer definition encompasses a longer list including 1) an income paid to a litigant from an Insurance Company to settle a law suit 2) an older annuity from an Insurance Company which pays a retiree a periodic payment or 3) a lottery pay-out paid to a lottery winner by a State Lottery Commission.

In 2007, Chicago's Mayor Daley sold the city's Income Stream from parking meter revenues (estimated to be worth in excess of 5 billion dollars over the next 75 years) to an investor group for 1.2 billion dollars.

Income Streams also come from workman compensation cases, wrongful death suits, medical malpractice suits, employment settlements and environmental settlements.

According to Dyer, "Income streams, all Income Streams, when sold, are sold at some sort of discount from their total pay out. The bigger the discount, the bigger the return."

Income Stream products pay under a number of different pay out scenarios including, monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annually or deferred payments. They also vary in size from tens of thousands of dollars in price to billions of dollars and, from a few hundred dollars a month to millions of dollars per month.

"Our platform will start with insurance backed Income Streams and add additional alternatives as traffic on our site grows," according to Dyer.

An Income Stream can be bought and sold like any other asset but, in the case of insurance backed Structured Settlements, it is done in front of a Circuit Court Judge at the sellers expense; transferred via a court approved stipulation.

Why is this important? Dyer explains, "For an investor; knowing that a Judge has reviewed the settlement for legitimacy, authenticity and a lack of liens or encumbrances should make an investor very comfortable."

According to the site, one of the Income Streams currently "for sale" involves an injured party/plaintiff who settled his claim as a Structured Settlement. This individual will receive payments from Travelers Insurance starting 12/1/2015. The seller is asking $790,758.86 in a lump sum payment for his Income Stream. The buyer will receive back $1,559,122.56 paid on a monthly basis over 22 years with an annual 3% cost of living adjustment ; a 5.75% fixed return.

Another case currently available for review on the Company's site is for sale from a State of Georgia resident with payments coming from the Georgia State Lottery. The payments start 2/1/2015 and have a price tag of $423,947.52. Monthly payments are $4.333.52 per month. The return is 9.0% and the contract pays back $732,334.46 over 14 years.

Dyer continues, "To date, we are unaware of a single documented case in which an Insurance Company or State Lottery Commission failed to pay their scheduled payment obligation so Structured Settlement based Income Streams and Lottery Annuity pay outs are historically very, very safe."

How many of these Structured Settlements, Income Annuities and Lottery Settlements are floating around?

In the United States, approximately 15 million civil suits are filed annually with Americans spending twice as much money each year on civil litigation as is spent on new automobiles.

Many of these suits, particularly personal injury suits are resolved as Structured Settlements.

Structure Settlements, Income Annuities and Lottery Settlements are good for people who may lack the sophistication to invest a large sum of money wisely or for individuals who do not have other sources of income to support themselves; for others, an "Income Stream" may be restrictive or unwanted.

Most people have seen the JG Wentworth commercials with the jingle "I have a structured settlement and I need cash now" or "I have an annuity and I need cash now."

In 2011, JG Wentworth and Peachtree Financial Solutions (just two of the funding sources buying these instruments) merged with 9 billion in future payment obligations already under contract.

According to Dyer, "Companies like JG Wentworth and Peachtree have earned huge returns as there has been little competition and, until now, no options for people interested in selling Income Streams to go to get competing bids."

"It is our belief that for every person selling an Income Stream who wants a lump some, whatever the dollar amount or pay out period, there is an older individual investor, wealthy investor, family office or small town bank, etc. who would love to be earning a safe, consistent, tax favored return of between 5.5% and 8% or more with little more to worry about than cashing their monthly check."

This new Trading Platform according to Dyer, "Gives people with unwanted Structured Settlements, Income Annuities, Lottery Settlements and other Income Streams the opportunity to sell for a higher market based cash price and gives investors of all types access to safe, competitive returns locked in for long periods of time.

Each Income Stream purchased through the platform is accompanied by a reporting schedule which identifies the taxable portion of each payment. "A comparatively small figure" according to Dyer as a substantial portion of each payment is considered a return of principal.

"They earn more and they keep more," says Dyer.

This Income Stream Exchange can now be accessed by visitors and use high pressure tactics, offer advice or handle money.

To learn more without obligation, get a list of available cases or to schedule an interview visit or phone direct 888-666-2352.