New Trading Platform

T. Allen Dyer’s latest project is the creation of a structured settlement, or income stream, trading platform. When it launches, the trading platform will offer individuals the opportunity to invest in a product that has a high rate, is ultra safe, and offers a fixed return. The platform seeks to offer an alternative option to fixed return products, such as bonds, annuities and certificates of deposit, which tend to be safe and reliable, but usually offer low rates.

The idea behind an income stream is simple. It’s a series of payments made under a contract. When people think of an income stream, they often think of a series of payments made to a lottery winner from the Lottery Commission (instead of a lump sum), a series of payments made after a lawsuit settlement or an annuity plan from an insurance company that pays a set amount to a retired person every month or so. Income streams can also come from a number of other lawsuit settlements, including medical malpractice suits, worker’s compensation cases, and wrongful death cases.

Dyer noted that certain organizations, such as hedge funds, have been purchasing income streams or structured settlements for years. The income streams have long provided hedge funds with high returns, usually in the double digits with low risk. While the option has long been available to corporate investors, it hasn’t yet been made available to individuals.

T. Allen Dyer plans to change all that when the Income Stream Exchange launches. A number of individual investors, notably people already in retirement, are regularly looking for ways to safely invest or tuck away their money. These investors are usually very conservative. They are in their retirement years now, and simply can’t take the risks the stock market involves. They also don’t want to give up the benefit of high returns, though.

Dyer’s newest project offers a number of other benefits to participating investors, as well. Since the companies that typically offer income stream payments are usually very reliable, the risk is very low. It’s unheard of for state lottery commissions to fail to pay winners and no insurance company has ever missed their structured settlement payment obligations. Dyer saw a great opportunity to reward investors by creating the income stream exchange. He notes that the amount of return an investor receives is based on the difference between the amount he or she contributes up front and the amount of the monthly payments. A person selling an income stream on the exchange may be willing to take a smaller amount up front, rather than wait to receive the money over the long run.

T. Allen Dyer has a more than 25-year track record of creating offerings that appeal to both investors and the people or businesses being invested in. Over the course of his long career, Dyer has succeeded in carving out a niche for himself in the new offerings areas. Although he operates at an arm’s length from the parties he is working with, and never becomes involved financially, he’s proven his ability by fully immersing himself in the markets he works with.

As his latest projects gets off of the ground, Dyer hopes that will prove to be as successful as his other ventures. He combines his family’s history with his education and marketing experience to get projects and businesses off of the ground. His current goal is to spread the word about the Income Stream Exchange, using both traditional and new marketing techniques, including direct mail, press releases and the Internet and social media.